Dive Deeper with Casie Adams!

Launching into 2024, we’ve decided to Dive Deeper into the lives of some of the artists featured at Semi Aquatic Gallery. To start the year off with a bang, enjoy an in depth conversation with Semi Aquatic’s own Casie Adams!

How long have you lived in Brookings? Where else have you lived? 

I moved to Brookings in November 2014 from Santa Cruz, CA, and my hometown is Merlin, Oregon along the Rogue River. After high school, I spent time in Florida on a softball scholarship, then lived on the Big Island of Hawaii and in Santa Cruz, CA before returning to Southern Oregon. I currently work as an artist and I also help manage Semi Aquatic Gallery.

Tell us some things you love to do. 

My favorite activities share a theme rooted in expression. My top three most prominent interests have been surfing, playing classical guitar, and photography

I started surfing around the age of six or seven when my dad introduced me to it. Growing up about two hours from Crescent City, CA, my family spent many weekends at the coast, which nurtured my love for the ocean from a young age.

What art media do you work with? What is your favorite, and why? 

My primary medium is kiln-fired glass. Over the past eight years, I've been drawn to this medium for its combination of creativity and an alchemical process beyond my control. The excitement of opening the kiln and witnessing the transformations (even the failed ones) continues to fuel my interest. 

My curiosity in glass work began in my early 20’s when I purchased a fused glass pendant, which led me to learn about the artist's story and inspired me to work with glass years later. The parallels between that pendant and my journey of working with glass symbolize the transformative power of creativity and the importance of sharing your works with the world.  

I also enjoy working with wood and combining it with my fused glass, often with jewelry I make. I find the balance to be complimentary with their different forms and reflect more of an organic nature. I go through phases of interest and am guilty of having an eclectic art/craft supply. It’s fun to try new things, to be challenged, and to take a momentary pause from a more comfortable and familiar media. I like to think this helps me avoid complacency.   *Find Casie's glass and jewelry on Instagram @cglassalchemy

You also create surfboard resin jewelry and are quite the photographer. Tell us a little about those creative outlets.

Surfboard resin jewelry is created by using excess resin chunks, layers built up from the process of glassing a surfboard, that are often just thrown away. I upcycle the resin into jewelry with a series of cuts and lots of sanding, representing my love for the ocean and desire to minimize my carbon footprint.  

Surfboard Resin                                               Examples of Casie’s Surfboard Resin Jewelry

My interest in photography began during my childhood. I loved dropping off film with my mom and eagerly awaiting its return. At some point, the family Minolta was passed down to me, capturing my interest for a few years. Five years ago, that fascination was rekindled. It coincided perfectly with a particularly chaotic period in my life, and I found solace in the simplicity and presence of shooting film. The anticipation of development and the excitement when frames were captured in perfect grain made the entire process enjoyable to my soul. There's a lot I'd like to learn, and in the meantime, I take an outrageous number of photos on my iPhone!  *Follow @mermaidbliss on Instagram to see more of Casie's beautiful photography!

The above three photos were shot with film, the two photos below were shot with Casie’s iPhone

How does your art reflect your values/view of the world? 

Ideally, I aim for my art to inspire through color, contrast, detail, or simplicity. I hope that it mirrors my commitment to living a creative life and embracing risk and failures as part of the journey. I see myself as a perpetual student of discovery, drawn to life's intricacies and magic,  even the mundane. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with the followers of Semi Aquatic?

Embrace the joy of creation. Keep your creative fire lit and stoke it often; daily is ideal in all forms. Share your gifts—inspire and be inspired.

**Casie’s jewelry, (her brand is “C Glass”) and occasionally some of her other work, is available for purchase on location at Semi Aquatic Gallery in Brookings, OR.